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The White City

The White City

Photographer: Spencer Anne Blacketer Designer/Stylist/HMUA: Elizabeth Schmitz Models: Jordan & Jenna of 19:30 Model Management Assistant 1: Adriana Aarietta   My collection, ‘The White City”, was based off of Dr. H. H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer who started around the time of the 1893 Columbia Exhibition in Chicago. The collection tells the story of how the women...
The Room's Air

The Room’s Air

Photographer: Raphael Umscheid Model: Cassandra Hierholzer Make up: Melissa Espelien Jewelry: Shalottlilly                
Wand's "Golem" Album Review

Wand’s “Golem” Album Review

  Wand is pretty cool. Their name is kind of light and confusing until you hear their music and the image of a heavy metal space wizard popped into my head and it all made sense. They remind me a lot of Meatbodies, which is good, but slower and heavier. Psychedelic rock seems like it’s...
Mixtape Monday: Traces of You

Mixtape Monday: Traces of You

Mixtape Monday: Traces of You from anonmagazine on 8tracks Radio.   Alone – Black Mustangs Panchito Blues ii – Peach Kelli Pop Dragonfly – Ice Balloons Three Years Ago Today – Built to Spill Raining Stars – I Was a Teenage Satan Worshipper Ghoula II – Water Spaniel Red Sweater Lullaby – Pins and Needles...
Prinzhorn Dance School's "Reign" Review

Prinzhorn Dance School’s “Reign” Review

  In Cambridge, Massachusetts there exists a club called TT the Bear’s Place. On Saturday nights this strange little hole in the wall is home to literally the best thing ever: new wave dance music, primarily from the 80’s. I spent some of my best Boston nights raving to remixes of Iggy Pop, the Cure,...
Death's N.E.W. Review

Death’s N.E.W. Review

  If you haven’t already heard of Death YOU HAVE TO CHECK THEM OUT.  These guys are living music dinosaurs that made one of the best punk albums I’ve ever heard like 40 years ago that went undiscovered until 2008.  You can almost imagine these three black guys rising from the music graveyard of forgotten...
Grown Up Avenger Stuff's "Pins" Music Video Review: A Hero In Their Own Right

Grown Up Avenger Stuff’s “Pins” Music Video Review: A Hero In Their Own Right

  Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Grown Up Avenger Stuff fits like a musical superhero reminiscent of 90’s indie-rock. Brothers Tyler, Hunter, and John Thomsen and vocalist Deirdre Kroener formed in 2009 and have since played countless shows and music festivals across the United States, including Bele Chere, SXSW, and Festival in the Park....
Neo Queen

Neo Queen

Photographer: Brain Vomit Photo Model: Dandie Doyle “You’ve become something of a myth.” Follow Dandie Doyle and her work on Facebook and Instagram.                        
Mixtape Monday: Just a Misunderstanding

Mixtape Monday: Just a Misunderstanding

Mixtape Monday: Just a Misunderstanding from anonmagazine on 8tracks Radio.   Cola – Stalls Take Me to the Shadow – Flash Flash Comfort Rabo – Native America Shirley Tempo Legs – Little Child Man Wavering – Future Age Mouthful – Rule of Thirds Hologram – Mountain States Taking it Off – Spaceface  
Dear Tracks Takeover!

Dear Tracks Takeover!

  “Dear Tracks comes to ones ear as a nebulous, sugar coated enigma. Focusing on sweet melodies and dreamy guitars evoking warm feelings of a radiating sun.” – Indie Current   Dear Tracks is a dream pop band based out of Grand Rapids, MI formed by Matt Messore. Messore used to play in a band...
Personal Diary

Personal Diary

Photographer: Leanne Surfleet   Through photography I’m still finding myself and learning about myself, less now through self-portraiture, but more in how I see the people around me. The camera is an extension of me, its how I see my life clearly and remember that I’m living and not just existing (or at least I’m...
Album Review: Lady Lamb's "After"

Album Review: Lady Lamb’s “After”

  For Lady Lamb (real name, Aly Spaltro), her sophomore album After is about growing up, seeing the positives, and moving forward. When Spaltro released her debut album Ripely Pine, she was going by the name Lady Lamb the Beekeeper and writing about pain and young sadness.  She may still write about pain but she’s...

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